ANEJO – A really suitable aid for teaching patients

The high accuracy, outstanding beauty and superior quality of our illustrations make Anejo Charts the best tool to understand the complexity of the different organs, systems and diseases. As a means to promote pharmaceutical products, these charts have become essential aids for studying, teaching, and training, as well as for educating patients in Europe, the USA, Canada, Central and South America, Australasia and the Eastern European Nations. Charts can be printed in their standard size (22 1/2” x 28 1/2”), and also in different sizes, as they can be edited to meet your requirements.
Since illustrations are made by ourselves, we would have no problem satisfying your customers’ needs regarding health communications.

Flip Charts

They consist of approximately 6 full-colour mini charts depicting beautiful illustrations aimed at providing a detailed description of a specific pathology, based on the latest scientific findings.

Mini atlases

Our Miniatlases are small-sized scientific publications containing from 4 to 12 pages. Each miniatlas describes the main features of a syndrome or disease with colorful illustrations. Written in an easy-to-understand way, they are aimed at helping physicians explain to their patients the main aspects of their diagnosis and treatment.

Patient Education Booklets

Easy-to-understand, colorful booklets have been specifically designed to inform patients of a creative and practical approach to different pathologies, as well as a deeper understanding and a wider knowledge of the causes and ways to prevent different diseases.
Based on current practice guidelines and standards of care, patient education booklets have been supported by healthcare professionals who have contributed to the accurate and scientific development of them.
Patient Education Booklets are a valuable tool in aiding the doctor to help the patient. Standard size: 5.5” x 7.8”.

Shaped Books

Hard, colorful shaped books provide accurate and brief information about several different pathologies, and have been specifically designed for doctors to graphically explain to their patients about a particular disease or condition.
Their small size is perfect for easy carrying from office to office. Size 7.8” x 7.8”approximately. A wide range of different body-shaped books are available.

3D Medical Charts

It now comes with new 3D embossed medical charts !!!

Multimedia products

These Interactive or Electronic Demonstrations, perfectly complement the sale of our Charts. They may be sold on CD or may also be included on the laboratory website. This will allow us to contact a large proportion of doctors at a very low cost per contact. They are wonderful for presentations, conferences, communication with patients and much more. With a very friendly screen where users will be able to discharge the images for multiple uses, it gives detailed information of the product that is promoted and their therapeutic uses.

Brand Name Reminder

The 2013 edition of The BrandPharma Resource Pack covers a wide range of medical education material, OTC and Pharmacy solutions plus tools for patient support programs.

Our growing library of medical education resources includes custom made as well as off-the-shelf anatomical models, treatment guidelines, patient booklets and tear pads, reference guides, educational cards and medical notes.

We have a long and successful history in providing solutions for consumer healthcare teams.

Our expertise includes retail brand reminders, POS and GWPs. If you’re looking to start a patient support program or invigorate an existing program contact us to discuss our capabilities in patient bags, thermally stable bags, patient education inserts and adherence aids.

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Patient Support

We have extensive experience in the design, development and production of customised patient kits and adherence aids for patient support programs. Take advantage of our:

  • extensive range TGA registered devices
  • expertise in supplying specialised patient bags and travel wallets
  • thorough knowledge of MA Code requirements
  • understanding of complex TGA compliance issues

to ensure your patients get the support they want

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Built By Doctors

The BUILT BY DOCTORS range is a constantly evolving, constantly growing, constantly developing bank of expert text and charts written by and peer reviewed by doctors and specialist practitioners in the USA and Europe.

The text and charts cover a wide range of common and specialist disease states and are pre-edited and drafted into booklets and charts to enable adaptation into communication tools for pharmaceutical marketers. They can also be easily adapted for use as education tools.

Brand Promotions is offering the BUILT BY DOCTORS range to pharma marketers, agencies and communications agencies.

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Asklepios Medical Atlas

ASKLEPIOS MEDICAL ATLAS create high quality, highly visual and user friendly materials for use by the medical profession.

The products - flipcharts, medical atlases and charts - are focused on providing concise, systematised information that will be valued tools for health care professionals.

These books are developed to target doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and associated health professionals.

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Diseases Explained

The wall charts and patient booklets produced by Diseases Explained are a very effective educational and marketing tool. Produced in collaboration with peak body organisations, these peer reviewed pieces use colourful graphics and bite sized pieces of text to help HCP’s to simply and effectively educate patients on the causes, symptoms, treatment and consequences of their disease states.

Diseases Explained charts and patient booklets are approved by the AAPFP (US) and NHS (UK)

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Anatomical Models

With our global supply chain we can offer an extensive range of anatomical and disease state models. We have over 80 existing human and animal models to offer as well as being able to develop custom made models.

Through our relationship with a key supplier we can now develop highly detailed, custom made models with you that are specific to your product at specialist quantities.

The models available range from pocket sized through to desk sized models and can show various stages of a disease.

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TGA Registered Devices & Non-Devices

Our catalogue showcases the largest range in the industry of ARTG registered devices. To compliment this we have an extensive range of code compliant brand name reminders that do not fall under the devices category.

All the devices in our range have an existing ARTG number and come with a certification and audit trail that meets the requirements of the TGA.

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